Secure 6 Restricted Key System

SECURE6 offers security and peace of mind

Made in Australia
Designed and built in Australia with leading locksmiths

Legal Protection
Protected against illegal duplication in AUS and NZ

Fully compatible with commercial locks

Pick resistant
Defense against picking and other unauthorized entry

Easy integration with your electronic security systems

Key identification
Easy key ID with a choice of 10 different colour inserts

SECURE6 - A master key system you can rely on
Convenience and Security
SECURE6 provides access for business owners with a key that opens all locations within a complex. Single door access keys can also be issued to employees.

From a single door, to a multi storey building, SECURE6 has you covered.
Your very own locking system
SECURE6 is a master key system which acts as a crucial element in ensuring your building has the highest level of security and flexibility. It regulates the various access points in and around your building, and specifies each person's access rights.
What is restricted keying?
Restricted master key systems prohibit other key manufacturers, locksmiths and key cutters from legally making unauthorized copies of your specific key blank.
SECURE6 has protection against illegal duplication by design registration until 2024, which gives you peace of mind knowing your SECURE6 keys will never be created without your knowledge or approval.

Your SECURE6 checklist
• Registered design protection until 2024
• Protection against unauthorized key cutting
• Control over who has keys to your locking system
• Additional pick and forceful entry protection
• The convenience and security of a master key system



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