ABUS 14 security and lock system supplied and installed by Adelaide Lock & Safe Mobile Locksmiths, covering Adelaide.

System Y14

System Y14-Mobile Locksmiths Adelaide

ABUS System Y14 / Mobile Locksmiths, Adelaide

Systems Y14 & XY14 share common features, including;

Internal Key Stop

Stop PinAngled V profile

Stop Pin ABUS System Y14 / Mobile Locksmiths, Adelaide

When you need extra copy protection technology, this special key stop has it. The key stop groove must correspond with the Stop Pin. If not, the key cannot go far enough into the lock to be able to unlock it.

Precision Angled Key Profile

For effective resistance to lock picking, the angled key profile offers much higher key stability. Call Adelaide Lock & Safe on 0423 106 880 anytime, to find out more.

General Benefits

A complex 14mm core locking means greater system flexibility, and its legal protection (patent) adds 'the good feeling of security'. And long with six (6) to ten (10) locking elements, the nickel silver keys enhance the key durability.

System XY14

XY14 improves your security

The extra locking row makes lock tampering much harder. Not only is unauthorised copying of dimple cuts extremely difficult, having up to 10 pins per cylinder adds optimal protection against side attack, and hard steel cylinder pins seriously impedes drilling.

Higher security developments

ABUS System XY14 Side pins / Mobile Locksmiths, Adelaide

System XY14

Graphic: ABUS System XY14 / Mobile Locksmiths, Adelaide

The XY14 system's passive side pins means stronger security, enhancing your locking security and the master key possibilities. Adding the XY14 into a current Y14 system will improve flexibility in future. However, an entirely XY14 system opens the door for larger and more complex security systems, from the very start.



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